Monday, May 17, 2010

Seabury Hall Craft Fair

It's become our tradition to go to the Seabury Hall Craft Fair the day before Mother's Day each year. The event is huge and seems like it gets bigger every year. It's held on the Seabury Hall campus Upcountry in Makawao. Seabury Hall is an exclusive private school (6th-12th grade) - and by exclusive I mean that one year's tuition costs well more than my entire undergrad college education at OU, probably even the entire 7 years of college tuition if we're just talking tuition and fees. And I'm not exaggerating. But it's a super cool campus, really beautiful. You may remember my post about it from last year? Anyway, my pictures this year probably look almost identical, right down to the swimsuit Dean wore for the gigantic Slip-n-Slide! But it was lots of fun. We headed up again this year on May 8.

We had to stop for some breakfast at Starbucks & Jamba Juice before heading out of Kahului and we can't seem to make it out of Jamba Juice without Dean insisting on some Pirate's Booty. It's so messy (as can be the fresh squeezed OJ if we're not careful!), so we sat outside Starbucks for some silliness and to eat/drink our breakfast - coffee for Joel, OJ and Pirate's Booty for Dean, and Jamba oatmeal for me.

When we did finally make it Upcountry, the weather wasn't as good as the last few years - it sprinkled on us a bit, but it was still fun. We didn't do much craft shopping - kind of difficult with a 3-yr-old in tow. And Joel stuck to his word to NOT go in the giant rummage sale in the gym this year, even though I could tell deep down he really, really wanted to go (especially after we ran into Ellyn who had scored a kid's scooter and a tennis racket for just a couple bucks!). The best part was Dean on the slip-n-slide. And this year, finally, it was well worth the $15 arm-band unlimited pass!!

He slid down probably 15 times before he got cold and needed a break. So then we headed over to the Kids' Craft area and Dean knocked out some of his Mother's Day shopping - in the form of making a beaded bracelet for TuTu and painting a Pet Rock for Grandma Jo. He picked out which gifts he wanted to make for which grandma and was very particular about which beads to put on TuTu's bracelet and which paint colors to use on Grandma Jo's Pet Rock.

My favorite part of the morning? The beautiful jacaranda trees that were in full bloom! We really don't get Upcountry enough this time of year to enjoy this site.

After the kids' craft, we headed back to the slip-n-slide for some more water fun before grabbing a quick lunch. I took some video of Dean going down the slide that I'm posting here. Remember, if you get the e-mail updates, you need to go to the blog HERE to watch the videos. Just scroll to the post titled "Seabury Hall Craft Fair" and then go to the end of the post to watch the video. It's short, but Dean's squeal of laughter at the end is worth it!!

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