Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Fruit Houses

Tonight we were having a funny conversation with Dean. He was playing a game he made up where he was saying all the "fruit" things he liked. It started out with fruit punch, fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, and then progressed to him just naming everything he could think of with fruit in front of it - fruit sandwich, fruit cereal, fruit soup, etc. Then he just started getting silly and just saying anything and everything he saw with the word fruit in front of it and wanted Joel and I to play along, so we all took turns naming stuff like Fruit Chair, Fruit Table, Fruit Clock, etc. Once we had exhausted everything in the room, Dean looked around and said "Fruit House" and started cracking up laughing. The rest of the conversation went something like this:
Me: "Fruit House? That's silly! I want to live in a Fruit House. I would live in a Pineapple House. What kind of Fruit House would you live in Dean?"
Dean: "ummm, Apple!"
Me: "Apple? That's a good round house!"
Dean: "Daddy, what kind of Fruit house you live in?"
Joel: "Watermelon"
Dean: "No Daddy! That would be all watery! Your house would drip drip drip. Like rain inside! You can't live in a Watermelon House".

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