Saturday, September 19, 2009

Keiki Fishing Tournament

Aloha folks! It's Joel filling in for a very sick Jen this Saturday. In lieu of watching football this morning, Dean and I went to the first annual keiki fishing tournament for the United Way at the Ka'anapali Golf Course Pond. It was a "reel-less" event, so we were just using bamboo sticks, line, and hook. Dean had very little luck with our initial bait, marshmallows, which is probably why he ate all of them. After a quick run to the grocerey store, Dean and I began using shrimp. Dean would cast the bait out, and pull the fish in on his own!!! It only required a little bit of help from the "Master Angler" to set the hook.

Dean's name tag, and a flag he was compelled to rip up:


more waiting...
Maybe go check out the sandtrap... Pretty crowded over there.

Dean's FIRST FISH EVER!Another one... Dean wasn't too sure about them at first.

Yet Another
I'm really not kidding, Dean was landing fish on his own.

Already a salty vet! Dean caught a total of six tilapia... I hope he knows his dad never really gets that lucky

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