Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching Up

Thought I would try to catch up on several older pics I haven't had a chance to post yet and show you a couple of really cute pics of Dean swimming this morning. My friend Ellyn and Dean's BFF Charlie are FINALLY back from spending the summer on the mainland, so we met them & TuTu at the Kihei pool this morning. You might remember that Charlie is about a year older than Dean and he seemed so grown up today! He was also swimming like a fish, which had Dean really interested in figuring out this whole swimming thing!! We were all sitting around talking while Charlie was diving underwater to get a toy from the bottom and look over and Dean is watching Charlie - and everytime Charlie put his head underwater, Dean would put his head underwater. Well, TuTu wasn't going to let that one slide by, so she took Dean out and they went swimming TuTu style. I'm convinced Jeremy and I probably both learned to swim because my Mom just threw us in the water one day and let us figure it out! (just kidding Mom). Anyway, Dean went underwater several times today and did very well!! He seems to have figured out how to hold his breath and was very proud of himself!! TuTu had bought him some swim goggles, but wasn't sure if he would wear them, but he definitely liked them!!! Check him out:

Here are a couple of pics of Dean and some of his lady friends last weekend. Joel had some of his buddies over to watch the MMA fights so the wives and kids came too. There were 5 kids total running around (well 4 kids running around and 1 baby) and they had a blast!! You probably remember the mad crush Dean has on Sienna from way back in the Toddler Program we attended in the spring and he was pretty happy to finally have Sienna (and her baby sister Samaira) come to his house to play!! And Taylor and Nicole (remember Nicole's first birthday party last year?) came over again too. They all played really well together with no major meltdowns or crying the whole evening! Dean's room was completely destroyed, but that's OK - it was worth it to see them all interacting and sharing and taking turns and generally just having a blast!

And here's Sienna in the middle of the disaster area that was Dean's room:

And finally, the Amazing Sarah (the babysitter) had to start back to school last week. Dean had become accustomed to having her around on Friday mornings (and I had enjoyed having a few hours to run my errands in peace and quiet by myself!!) and has really missed her the past 2 Fridays. We all love Sarah!!

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