Sunday, March 15, 2009

A morning in the Country

Yesterday morning it was pouring rain here in Kahului when we woke up, but as we looked up the mountain we could see the sun was shining Upcountry - so it sounded like a perfect day to head to the Country!! We drove up through Makawao and headed to Kalakapua Playground at Giggle Hill Park in Haiku for some playground fun. Dean had a BLAST running all over the place, climbing all over the playground, and sliding down the slides. He has become very interested in what "big kids" are doing and will follow big kids all over the park, imitating them and just watching what they're doing. The park at Giggle Hill is huge and it is usually really packed, so it's exhausting for us to try to keep up with Dean and make sure we can always see him. Several times yesterday morning when I was following him around, he would stop, turn around and put his hand out towards me (Dean's sign for "stop Mom, Stay") and say "no Mom" and once he even told me to "go away Mom". Giving me attitude already!! I was obviously embarassing him in front of the "big kids" by trailing him all over the playground! Here are some playground pics....After we left the park, since we were already Upcountry, we decided to make it a true Day in the Country by stopping by my friend Sue's place, Kula Lani Ranch, and checking out her new 1-day-old baby horse. Dean was exhausted by the time we got there, but it was a lot of fun to check out all the animals!!

Watching Auntie Sue feed the horses...Trying to help Dad brush Chester the Pig...Auntie Sue and the new baby horse...

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