Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeding the ducks...and the Dean.

Due to the raving reviews of a picky 2-year old and an even pickier mother, a new Tapler tradition is born! SUNDAY MORNING FRENCH TOAST!!! It isn't uncommon for Dean to get up and say "Fwench toast, pwease". In true Joel fashion, I decided to make this morning extra special by using half and half and some nice brioche. The only problem with this, aside from Jen not being adventurous , was an excess of bread crust. The logical solution to this was a family trip to the Maui Tropical Plantation duck pond. As usual, Dean didn't want to share with the ducks; also typical, Dean was being hilarious and really cute.

Dean enjoying the flowers on the way to the duck pond.

Upon arrival, Dean scouts out the avian competition.

Dean showed no interest in feeding the ducks. He wanted all the bread for himself.
Dean puts himself in optimal position...
Closing the distance...
Now this is just cheating.
Dean mocks the ducks with his prize.

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The Shapiro Family said...

What time should we be over next week?