Monday, September 1, 2008

Park, walk & beach

We spent Sunday evening at Kahului Community Center park and Dean had fun playing on the playground (specifically the slide, as usual!!!) and running as fast as he could down the hill. He was also pretty fascinated by the soccer net!

Today we enjoyed our day off by driving over to Wailea this morning and doing the beach walk - Dean insisted on walking himself, which makes it painfully slow for us as he has to stop at every single light along the path and every sign. At each sign, he wanted me to read him the sign and point at the words. He seems very interested in letters and words lately. I wonder if he'll be an early reader? He also wants to smell every single flower along the way and pick up every single leaf or rock. So it took us half an hour to go about 200 yards!!! After our walk, we played on the beach for a little while. There was a big pile of lava rocks at one end of Ulua beach and Dean thought it was lots of fun to carry the rocks one by one over to the water and throw them in. He's say "ocean", then "splash" and then squeal and run back for another rock! He also for some strange reason decided to revert to his baby days and ate a handful of sand. He thought that was pretty funny. I'm not sure if he was pretending it was food or what, but he just laughed and laughed - maybe it was our reaction. But the best thing about beach day is naptime - 3.5 hours today!!!! Yippeeeee!!!!

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