Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazon Associates

Hi there!'s been awhile, huh? I know, I know. I still haven't even finished our Disneyland Vacation update and then I haven't even posted at all about our summer break! But we thoroughly enjoyed our Summer Break and I did a whole lot of No Pressure stuff - which meant very little (Ok, NO) blogging!! But I did do a lot of picture taking, and I promise to get lots of Dean and summer adventure pictures posted soon. But first things first. I wanted to let our family and close friends know that the Tapler Ohana is now an Amazon Associate. What does that mean? Well, if you're reading this post in an e-mail update, go ahead and click HERE and go to the actual blog. Now, see that fancy Amazon link over there in the right-hand colum under our picture and information about us? (yes, I know, I need to update our family photo. I'll get to that eventually). Well, if you use that link to get to Amazon when you're doing your shopping, a small percentage of your total purchase price (it doesn't change your total - you'll still pay the same price for the stuff you were gonna buy anyway) will go to the Tapler Ohana!! We'll use this money to buy booze and new iPhones and go on all those fancy vacations we take all the time...Just kidding!!! I wish. No really. The money is actually going to go directly into an education account we've set up for Dean. We may be using this money to help pay for private college-prep school once Dean reaches middle school (we are still undecided about this, so it's a good thing we have a few years to make a decision. Unfortunately, it may take us that long to come up with the money). If not, it will go into his college fund. Now I know there are lots of charitable Amazon Associate links out there on the interwebs where the money goes to really amazing organizations that do totally awesome things like feed hungry children and spay and neuter feral cats and such. I really do think that's great and if you already use one of those links I'm not asking you to stop - by all means, please keep feeding hungry children and definitely spay and neuter animals (unless you're Dean's Tutu, then you should totally put your own Grandson ahead of those feral cats. He already thinks you treat your own cats better than him. Don't make him think you treat feral cats better than him). But, if you don't already use a charitable Amazon Associates link and you're planning to shop at Amazon anyway...and you care about Dean's education...well, why not take one extra step and come to the Tapler Ohana blog first and access Amazon from here before you do your shopping (you don't have to do anything else, just use the Amazon link that's posted here on the blog and then shop as you normally would on Amazon, they take care of everything else). And just in case you needed a little incentive, here are a few pics of Dean from his first few days of First Grade, which is going AWESOME!!

First Homework:

Checking out his new classroom:

Box of School Supplies (we order from Akamai School Supplies, which delivers directly to the classroom and donates 10% of the cost to the Pomaika'i PTSA):

Don't worry, I'll continue to remind you periodically about the Amazon Associates link, but I promise not to be too annoying about it! ;-)

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