Sunday, February 12, 2012


Joel took Dean to get his hair cut at Supercuts and while sitting in the chair, Dean told the lady "I know my times table" (yes, random). She said "Really? What's 1 times 1?" Dean said "one". She said "What's 2 times 1?" Dean said "two". She said "Well then, what's 2 times 2?" Dean said "four". She laughed and said "Close. 2 PLUS 2 is four, but 2 TIMES 2 is EIGHT I think". Dean said "no it's not. It's FOUR". She argued with him for a few minutes while the man having his hair washed next to them tried to keep from cracking up. Finally Joel had to interrupt and explain multiplication to the lady because Dean was getting upset. Fortunately, she didn't seem at all embarrassed to have been schooled by a 5-yr-old. She's probably used to it.

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