Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Portable North Pole

Dean was pretty excited to receive a very special video e-mail message from Santa today!! So glad Santa keeps up with all the latest technology! It was so cute to watch Dean watching his video. He was SO nervous while he waited to see if he was on the naughty or nice list (I'm not sure he was too confident about the answer to that question!). But he sure had a big smile on his face when he found out he made the nice list! Now we just have to keep reminding him that it's not too late to get bumped over to the naughty list and he better keep up the hard work!! Here's a link to his video from Santa if you'd like to watch (this is a REALLY cool site if you have kids. Santa also sends video messages to naughty or nice adults too, FYI).

Portable North Pole - Dean's Video from Santa

Dean also wrote his letter to Santa a few days ago, which much be how Santa knew what he wanted! I found a cute printable online that we used so he didn't have to write out the whole thing. We initially tried writing the whole thing, but that wasn't working too well and he'd just get frustrated after the first few sentences (and I really wanted to focus on the "I've been a good boy" part, and this worked well for that). I've scanned in the letter below so you can read it yourselves, but for some reason his pencil writing didn't scan well, so I'll just tell you the important parts. His list of wonderful things he's done are (that he came up with all on his own!!) 1. Share Aloha; 2. Make strong choices at school; 3. Rainbow 11 times (he actually counted up how many times he's made it to the "Outstanding" rainbow level on his behavior chart at school so far this year). The top 3 things on his Christmas list are 1. Lego Creationary Game; 2. Little Lego Bricks (meaning the smaller size legos for big kids as opposed to the larger Duplo legos for little kids); 3. Find It Game.

That's all for now. I have SEVERAL blog posts I've been meaning to do, but it's so hard to find the extra time this time of year. I'll try to get some of them done this weekend. Lots of fun stuff has been going on lately. Busy times!!

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