Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch

A couple of Sundays ago we ventured Upcountry to Kula Country Farms to visit their Pumpkin Patch and see if we couldn't convince ourselves that it really is fall, which is sometimes hard to do when you live on Maui! This was our 3rd year of visiting the Pumpkin Patch - we missed out last year due to our trip to the mainland and other stuff that was going on this time a year ago, but we were excited to check it out again. We definitely were not disappointed - each year since we started going, they've grown and added new stuff. Compared to the last time we had gone 2 years ago, this year the pumpkin patches were MUCH larger and had been moved down into a kind of tiered area, probably about 4-5 times larger than they were previously. They also had miniature ponies you could feed / pet, face painting, lots of produce for sale (I still say this is the best little farmer's market on Maui - worth the drive Upcountry any time of year!), and even a Corn Maze, which Dean was pretty darn excited about!! All of this was pretty big time for Maui. So anyway, my grandma Joan was here visiting for a few weeks at the time and we were happy to take her with us Upcountry and kind of made a day of it (after the pumpkin patch we had lunch at Kula Lodge and then visited Kula Botanical Gardens, which was VERY cool. I can't believe we'd never done that before. It was so cool that it will be getting it's own blog post later on, so stay tuned for that). My Mom met us at the pumpkin patch and helped us pick out some pumpkins and enjoyed the corn maze with us. It was lots of fun! So here are some pictures...

Dean entering the corn maze:
It was a beautiful clear day with stunning views all the way down the slopes of Haleakala - you could see not only the West Maui Mountains, but had clear views of Kahoolawe, Molokini, Lanai, and even Molokai!

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