Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Na Koa Ikaika Maui

Joel took Dean to a game last night to see Maui's new professional baseball team, Na Koa Ikaika Maui. The team is part of the Golden Baseball League, a professional baseball league operating in the western United States, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. This is Na Koa Ikaika's first season and it's kind of fun to have something new to do. I didn't go to the game. (I was in Wailea with my friend Sarah - she was picking up a birthday gift for her girlfriend Tiare - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIARE!! - from Tiffany's, no less - those girls spoil each other more than any other couple I know). But apparently the baseball games at Maehara Stadium are the place to see and be seen on Maui - Joel and Dean ran into my friend Lauren and her son Noah along with Lauren's fiance Andrew and Lauren's Mom. Dean and Noah had fun running around, playing, harassing the Menehune mascot (I think he's a Menehune? I'm not really sure) and generally not paying any attention at all to the actual baseball playing. They also ran into the Rappeneckers and the Ellers. (well, Joel only saw Steve and Matt and of course he didn't ask about Jennifer or Amanda or the kids - typical man). But still. It is a small island.

Here are some pics of Dean and Noah...

I think I might have to join them next time.

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