Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dean reading

So I know I've been talking about how Dean can read, but lately he doesn't want to actually do this out loud in front of people. I think I mentioned in my last post that he seems to have developed some weird embarrassment related to this. Well, tonight I managed to bribe him (such a negative word, "bribe", when it works so well!! ha!) - see, I have a box in the garage that has several new books in it, mostly about the Solar System and Space, but there are a couple about Volcanoes and one about the Brain (like an anatomy type book) that he has been wanting for some strange reason. Anyway, I use these books as "rewards" - Dean knows that if he has a really good week with lots of good behavior (always a challenge for him!) - things like eating well, brushing his teeth without too much complaining, cleaning up after himself, listening, etc, then he'll get to pick out a new book at the end of the week. Anyway, I've really been wanting to document that Dean really can read quite well as a 3-yr-old (mostly for journaling purposes, but I'll admit it, also because I'm a pretty proud Mama) - so this afternoon I told Dean that he'd get one of his new books early if he would let me film him reading just one page out of a book, and he could pick the book. So he picked his Solar System book and he wanted to read the page about Jupiter. So here it's pretty impressive too. You'll notice that even though his reading skills are pretty advanced for a 3-yr-old, his ability to sit still is pretty age-appropriate!! ha ha!

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Sankari W. said...

GIRLLL!!! That is amazing!!! Dean got that from YOU!!!! What a cutie! LOVE the way he ways hydrogen and helium!!!! OMG - that is waaay beyond cute!!!