Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keawakapu Beach

We spent Sunday morning, May 16, enjoying the sun and surf at our favorite beach, Keawakapu, in Kihei. We got there bright and early and stayed for a few hours. The weather was beautiful despite the fact that it was a little hazy with our recent Kona winds. Dean had a blast as usual playing in the sand and insisted that Joel dig a giant hole for him to hide in and jump in and out of. Joel made the mistake of taking Dean with him on a long walk down the beach to Zach's to get some coffee - Dean always wants to play in the tidepools when you take him down to that end of the beach and then it's like pulling teeth to get him to walk back. My Mom, who takes him to this beach almost every Tuesday and Thursday, has figured out that if she draws arrows in the sand and tells Dean he has to follow the arrows back to their stuff, this usually works pretty well to get him moving. Joel didn't know that trick and they were gone FOREVER!! When they got back, it was so funny because Joel said the reason it took so long is that for some reason Dean insisted on stopping every 25 feet to draw an arrow in the sand and told Joel he had to follow the arrows!! So cute! Anyway, here are some pictures from our day...

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