Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Eve at TuTu's

After Grandma Jo and Grandpa CR finally made it in from the blizzard-ravaged plains of Kansas, we headed to Kihei for our Annual Harper Family Christmas Eve Festivities at TuTu's (My Mom's) house. This year Aunty Jayci had the privilege of joining us. Grandma Jo and Grandpa CR were hungry after their long trip (and so were the rest of us!!), so we all ate almost as soon as we got there. As usual, it was nothing fancy - we like to have PuPu's (that's Hawaiian for appetizers) on Christmas Eve rather than a big traditional dinner.

TuTu did play a mean trick on Dean when we got there - she had a small gift wrapped up and waiting for him on the coffee table, sitting right on the Elf on the Shelf's lap. She told him the Elf had brought it for him from Santa and he could open it early. Dean got excited and opened up the little box to find it full of black rocks!!! He was so upset and cried and cried!! TuTu is so naughty! Those of you who know my Mom well won't be surprised by this - I'm sure she did something similar to us as kids (we had never hear of getting "coal" if you were naughty - it was always called "Black Rocks" at our house because she said we wouldn't have known what coal was anyway). Don't worry - Dean got her back. When she wasn't looking, he went outside and got a handful of lava rocks and put them in her stocking, then told her to come look, Santa put something in her stocking. She pretended to be very upset and cried - but I think Dean felt more guilty than TuTu did! Here he is opening his black rocks, so innocent, it won't be long before he learns not to trust that TuTu!!!

Once Dean got over his hurt feelings and we convinced him Santa didn't really bring him black rocks, it was just TuTu playing a dirty trick on him, the rest of the night was lots of fun! Dean got lots of good gifts, but I'm pretty sure Aunty Jayci was the most spoiled of the evening (SOMEBODY's Mom felt bad about her being away for the holidays!) - every other present was for Jayci!
But my favorite part? As usual, it was TuTu's "fireplace" that she insists on keeping going ALLLLLL night!!:
Dean did really well overall, taking turns opening gifts and helping everyone else open their presents too. Here he is helping Grandpa CR:

Dean was definitely worn out after all of the excitement, which was a good thing - Santa's helpers had A LOT to do after he went to bed!!!

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