Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A visit from Grandma Jo and Granpa CR and 4th of July Festivities

Hi! WOW! I can't believe it's been like 5 weeks since I blogged. Sorry! Grandma Jo and Grandpa CR were here - they arrived on June 28 and headed home July 8. We had so much fun and Dean was so bummed when he woke up Thursday morning and realized they weren't here! He hadn't seen Grandpa CR in about a year and we weren't sure how he'd take to him since he very obviously is a ladies' man, but he warmed right up to him and enjoyed their daily "Grandpa and Dean" outside playtime!

The most exciting thing we did was head Upcountry to the Makawao 4th of July Rodeo Parade. It's important to explain that a Maui parade is slightly different from your typical mainland parade and if everything else about growing up on Maui wasn't so culturally enriching I'd feel really bad that Dean was somehow missing out on some essential part of childhood - the typical small-town American Parade. But the Maui Parade is still very entertaining, even if it is lacking in a single marching band or clown throwing candy and there was only one real thing that would actually qualify as a "float"!! Where else can an old lady just walk down the street in between a Bagpipe band and the Haleakala National Park service, carrying a Peace sign and simply singing "Give Peace a Chance"? Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pics from our 4th of July festivities...

Patiently waiting for the parade to start:

Still waiting...

Still waiting...
Oh! Look! It's a Nene!! (Courtesy of the Haleakala National Park Service):
And there's Maui County's Mayor, Charmaine Tavares (she's the grey-haired one without the hat):
The Hawaiian State Flag:
Miss Rodeo Hawaii (this is here just for Auntie Brandi, who I'm pretty sure never put a lei around her horse's neck):
This guy is actually one of my patients:
Henry Silva, the most decorated Hawaiian Cowboy of all time:
Starting to get bored...
Auntie Sue lookin' all spiffy in her Cowgirl getup (she was representing her farm, Kula Lani Ranch):
Joel and Dean talking to Mauri (Sue's boyfriend), who was riding a horse in the parade:
And finally, I really just have no idea (it IS Maui!!!):
Back home hanging out with Grandpa CR:

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