Monday, June 1, 2009

Toddler PDA

Dean has a mad crush on the little girl across the street, Riley. Riley is about 8 months younger than Dean and with their blonde curls, they could be siblings! They LOVE to hug each other and several evenings a week are spent with them chasing each other around one of our yards squealing and laughing and hugging. Riley is SUPER affectionate - she even gives Joel lots of hugs. And although kids typically love Joel, I don't think they always consider him the most "huggable" of people in the world!! ha!! Riley is Rocky's (the 3-legged black lab) sister and every time we pull into our driveway, Dean says "There's Riley's house! There's Rocky's house! Take Rocky a cookie?" It's funny because for the longest time I think Dean thought all big black dogs were SUPPOSED to only have 3 legs and if we saw a 4-legged black dog somewhere, Dean would just look at it like "what the heck is wrong with that dog?" Anyway, I caught some super cute toddler Public Displays of Affection tonight....

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